The 2018 Europhysical Conference on Defects in Insulating Materials (EURODIM 2018) will be held at the University of Bydgoszcz, Poland, from 8-13 July 2018. Europhysical conferences (EURODIM) take place every four years and are alternated with International conferences (ICDIM). EURODIM 2018 followed other conferences in the series, held in Kent, UK (2014), Pecs, Hungary (2010), Milan, Italy (2006) and Wroclaw, Poland (2002), as well as the related ICDIM conferences held in Lyon, France (2016), Santa Fe, USA (2012), Aracaju, Brazil (2008), Riga, Latvia (2004) and Johannesburg, South Africa (2000). These series of conferences are broad international forums on the science and technology of defect-related phenomena in crystalline and amorphous wide band-gap materials and bringing together scientists to discuss the chemistry and physics of defects in solids, and their role in determining material properties.

The 13 edition of EURODIM will be hosted by the Institute of Physic Kazimierz Wielki University in Bydgoszcz (UKW). The chairman is prof. dr hab. Yuriy Zorenko and the vice-chairs are prof. dr. hab. Andrzej Suchocki and prof. dr. hab. Kazimierz Fabisiak, all from Institute of Physics UKW.

Applications are now accepted for hosting EURODIM 2022. The applications should be sent by email to prof. dr. hab. Yuriy Zorenko indicating potential chairman and location/institution and containing the information on the conference plans/logistics. The applicant will have to prepare a presentation to report the proposal to the international advisory committee during EURODIM 2018.

Note that after the conference EURODIM 2018, LUMDETR 2018, the 10th conference on Luminescent Detectors and Transformers of Ionizing Radiation will be held in Prague.
The scope of the Conference is the presentation of the latest investigations on point and extended defects in bulk materials, thin films and nano-structures. Technological applications will be presented together with fundamental investigations and theories. The EURODIM 2018 brings together scientists from universities, academic institutions and industry. The meeting aim is a free exchange of new results and ideas for advancing the development of the fields of defect-related phenomena in wide band-gap materials. The main scientific areas EURODIM 2018 include:
  • Fundamental physical phenomena
  • Point and extended defects in wide band-gap systems
  • Defects at surfaces and interfaces
  • Thin films and low-dimensional systems
  • Nanocrystals, colloids and aggregates
  • Defects and material preparation technology
  • Defects modeling and computational methods
  • Radiation effects, radiation induced defects, colour centers
  • Luminescence spectroscopy of excitons, impurities, and defects, including using of synchrotron radiation
  • Electronic excitations, excited state dynamics, radiative and non-radiative relaxations
  • Scintillation, energy transfer and storage, carrier trapping phenomena
  • Laser active centers
  • Defect related non-linear optical phenomena
  • Phonons and defects, electron-phonon interactions
  • Defect diffusion, ionic relaxations, ionic transport
  • Technological applications
    • detection by scintillators and dosimeters and microimaging with traditional sources and synchrotron radiation
    • lasers and optical fibers
    • materials for optoelectronics, photonics and microelectronics
    • other advanced optical devices
    • other applications